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Ziri Rideaux started this lifetime in the small Bavarian village of Wettstetten as Ziri Barbara Wagner, the older of two daughters of Rumanian immigrants to Germany. Her childhood was spent with horses, sports and arguing with her parents. She eventually left Bavaria with 2 MA's in International Politics and Journalism/Film to seek a better life elsewhere.

Early on, Ziri sensed that the small town of Wettstetten was cramping her style - so she moved to ever larger cities and embarked on her long, windy journey: reoccurring elements were travel, her political activism, shamanism and her resulting desire to communicate to the world what she had learnt. She worked a few years as a TV-journalist in Berlin, hosted her own TV show and soon became a TV- war correspondent and travelled the world for years, witnessing unspeakable human desperation, mainly in the Third World.

During this time, Ziri got involved in a clandestine research that lead to her disillusionment with investigative journalism and its contribution to “truth” in our daily lives. She left her job and moved to Los Angeles where she set up shop working on award-winning documentaries and feature films, which mainly focused on political, social and environmental issues. Ziri wrote/directed/produced the feature film BACKGAMMON which made it to Cannes, where she received an award from Prince Albert of Monaco.  Back in L.A., the versatile filmmaker also worked as a horse-whisperer, flamenco guitarist and tattoo artist. Ziri continued to pursue her call as a Shaman, spending many nights in the desert and conversing with spirits and ancestors, soliciting their strength and advice. In 2001 she opened the photo agency PICTUREPERFECT today one

of the most successful celebrity photo agencies in the world. At the same time, Ziri established herself as a painter, comic artist and poet.

In the following years, Ziri’s parents both developed cancer and died. Ziri spent many weeks at their deathbed, taking care of them and accompanying their dying process. The experience inspired Ziri to develop the feature film FIRE IS MY FRIEND (scheduled for 2012) that deals with transcending communication barriers between the living and the dead, based on her own experiences.

Taken aback by the many tales of sexual frustration of her American girl-friends, Ziri decided to address the problem of American double-standards regarding sex. She is currently in the process of writing PLEASURE DOME, a feature film presenting her take on sex and gender-relations in the U.S. The film should be nothing less than outrageous(ly funny) and is sure to spark heated debates.

This upcoming winter 2009/2010, Ziri is gearing up to shoot the feature film PROJECT HAMMER, a political thriller about First World covert operations in Third World countries. The film will convey Ziri’s insight into the true ins and outs of power politics, economics and the complicit silence of the media that she developed during years of studying politics at Munich University and during her years as a foreign correspondent. The film intends to shed light on very controversial truths beyond political correctness and censorship.