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When both my parents were diagnosed with terminal cancer, I decided to accompany them on their journey into death and beyond. My parents and I have had a troubled relationship during our lifetimes and I instinctively felt that this time needed to be spend together to find forgiveness, closure and love. With the help of Shamanistic teachings which my Rumanian grandma had passed on to me, my parents and I were able to develop great closeness and intense communication throughout their transition into death and beyond.Despite the pain and sadness it was one of the most profound and wonderful experiences of my life, comparable only to the births I’ve witnessed.

The radically different attitude toward death and all things dying in Shamanism helped us transform this experience into a gift. It allowed us to cross the threshold to the other side together. It enables me today, a year after my parents’ deaths, to solicit advice from them and our ancestors. “Fire is My Friend” will take away many fears that have arisen around the issue of dying in our Western culture. It will shed light on our fascinating continuation in the afterlife and help prepare for the journey that ends this material lifetime.